All our lambs are born and reared on our farm, to the highest farm assured standards. They are fed traditionally on grass, silage/hay and roots with a little barley to aid those finishing in the winter months when grass is not readily available. Lambs when ready are taken to Kirk's Abattoir at Nunnington to be slaughtered and hung for one week before returning here to Coulton. Total food miles 8!

Finest Coulton Lamb
We sell a range of individual lamb cuts as well as our popular half lamb packs.
leg joints £11/kg
leg Steaks £11/Kg
chops & cutlets £13/kg
boned & rolled shoulder £8/kg
Lamb mince £8/Kg
Liver or Kidney £1.50
Lamb & Mint burgers £7.50/Kg
Lamb Kofta Kebabs £7.50/Kg
Lamb Shormoa Meat Balls £7.50/Kg 
Half Lamb Minimum 10Kg £65 
A typical half Lamb Pack