All our pigs are born and reared on our farm, to the highest welfare standards, born, reared and finished exclusively outdoors. They are fed on a cereal based ration from a local feed mill using grain grown on neighbouring farms. Pigs when ready are taken to Kirk's Abattoir at Nunnington to be slaughtered before returning here to Coulton. Total food miles 8!

Prime Coulton Pork
We sell a range of individual Pork cuts, sausages and cured products.
Leg joints £5/Kg
Loin Chops £5.50/Kg
Loin Steaks £6/Kg
Shoulder joints £4/Kg
Belly Pork £4/Kg
Diced Pork £5/Kg
Pork & Apple, Pork & Garlic & Pork & Chilli Burgers £5.50/Kg
We have a wide selection of sausages available: Choose from; Traditional, Cumberland,
Old English, Lincolnshire, Black Pepper, Pork & Leek.
All £5.50/Kg
Cured Ham £5.50/Kg
Gammon Steaks £6.50/Kg
Bacon £8/Kg
Half Pig Minimum weight 20Kg  £85
A typical Half Pig Pack